HIV InSite is hosted on a new Sun 220R server which was donated by Sun Microsystems. The server is running Solaris 8 and the Orion Web server. Our production server is an Ultra 30 which was also donated by Sun. We use the Sybase SQL Anywhere database. Our programming staff (of one) uses a donated Ultra 10.

We are transitioning to an XML-based system from an HTML base. All of the navigation pages, the HIV InSite Knowledge Base, and some of the documents are created in XML with XSL and Java.

Accessibility is very important to HIV InSite and we make an effort to adhere to standards developed to increase the accessibility of the site’s content.

The new XML system will make it easier for us to publish text-only and print-friendly versions of the site’s content. Our pages are often very long (text-heavy) and we are experimenting with length so people with slow modems aren’t overwhelmed. We use few graphics, and our navigation graphics are repeated to take advantage of caching.

We have a lot of ideas about how we can improve accessibility, and will continue to work on this area as resources allow. We encourage users to send suggestions or feedback in this area.